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Circle D Ranch Elk Velvet Antler


Benefits of Elk Antler

​What is Velvet Antler?
  • ​Antlers are a renewable resource...they are cast off and regrown every year. 

  • Antlers are made of cartilage and are rich in 24 amino acids, calcium, chondrotin and glucosamine suphate, collagen, glycosaminoglycans, iron, keratin sulphate, lipids (both omega 3 & 6), magnesium, potassium, protein and selenium.

  • Due to antler's rapid growth rate, they are biologically active tissue, well supplied with blood, covered with skin and a fine velvet-like layer of hair.  When the antler is at this stage of development, the entire antler is known as velvet antler.   This is the stage at which it is harvested.

  • After several months of growth and development, the cartilage slowly turns to bone.  The blood vessels and nerves diminish, and finally the stag will scrape off any remaining skin and hair from the antler.  This leaves the sharp bony antler that the bull uses during the mating season.

  • Velvet antler for human and pet consumption is harvested before the velvet has started to turn to bone.   It is obtained without detriment to the animal.  Each year the bull grows a new set of antler, and so the cycle continues.


Our elk antler is carefully harvested, dried and ground into powder, then put in gelatin capsules and bottled.  Each bottle comes with our guarantee of it being 100% pure, Yukon grown product, as indicated on the attached label.

​                            Elk Velvet Antler   per bottle     $34.95


                            Shipping $20 for 1-5 bottles      


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