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Circle D Ranch Food Production Facility

Butcher Facility

 In June 2013 Circle D Ranch opened a butcher and cooling facility on site.  As of 2018, we now have a commercial kitchen in addition to the other facilities.  This inspected facility meets all the environmental health requirements so that we can provide catering for events and also continue to provide meat products for restaurants, grocery stores, etc. as well as our valued farm gate customers.


We also make the cooler and butchering facility available to other farmers and/or hunters to rent to cool/hang their animals, and to cut and wrap their meat.  As certain times of the year are particularly busy, one needs to book in advance.  

Commercial Kitchen

The facility can be rented for use as a commercial kitchen.  There is a walk-in cooler, triple sinks with high-pressure sprayer, 4-burner stove with large oven, extensive stainless steel countertops for food preparation.  Contact us for rates and availability.


The capacity of the cooler is 5 animals (beef, elk, bison, pork, etc.)


                 1 Beef hanging per week                             $150

Each additional beef up to 5 total              $50 ea.


To hang pork overnight to cut & wrap

the next day (up to 5 pigs)                          $50


Elk hanging in cooler

Facility Rental

Provided with facility rental is the use of all equipment.  In addition to items listed above there is a meat saw, sausage stuffer and burger grinder.  We also have a 14 rack commericial dehydrator.


Cleaning the facility is the responsibility of the user.  We expect it to be left in immaculate condition.  There will be a cleaning deposit of $125 up front, which will be returned AFTER INSPECTION by owner.  If it is not satisfactory, additional cleaning will be required, or if the owner has to do it, cleaning is billed out at $50 per hour.  


$250 per day ( 8 hours )

$125 per half day ( 4 hours )

Facility Equipment

Farmer Bill making Sausages

Farmer Bill Making Sausages

Commerical Dehydrator

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