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Bill & Barbara Drury

Bill's father, Bill Drury Senior, homesteaded the ranch in 1962.  It started out as a hobby for Bill's dad, who liked to come out on the weekends and play around with his horses, do a bit of clearing and haying, and eat sardines and crackers with his son. 


After travelling around the world for 3 years, Bill came back to Whitehorse and his dad suggested he might like to try farming as a lifestyle.  Bill started working the land in 1976, and never looked back....he cleared, root raked, seeded acreage to hay and oats for animal feed, boarded horses and built a log home and barn.  He and Barbara got together in 1986.  Barbara had 3 children, Rosie, Tim and Jenny, and Bill had 2 children from a previous marriage, Sarah and Ben.  Their blended family got along great, and all the kids, now grown up and some with children of their own, are best friends. 


Bill has a herd of elk which he manages, and a small herd of beef cows which are slaughtered on a monthly basis throughout the summer, fall and early winter.  

Bill and Barbara have expanded their farming activity to include Haskap and Black Currant berries and growing Kale for commercial Kale chip production.   


Both Bill and Barbara like winter, as it is the slow time of year when its time to fire up the sauna, take long and meaningful walks in the snow with friends, drink tea and chat around the kitchen table.


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