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Circle D Ranch Elk Meat


Elk meat is the meat of kings...known for its delicious, deep rich colour and flavour.  This remarkable lean yet tender meat is exceptional, without any gamey overtones.  Our elk have only fed on pasture and browse, under the wild Yukon sky!  As nature intended, without any additives, antibiotics or synthetic hormones.  Harvested humanely, dry aged traditionally at ideal temperature which results in a more intense flavour and aroma, and cut and wrapped with attention, cleanliness and care.


Elk Meat by the side :  $12/lb (Sides usually run 125 lbs, this is the hanging weight.  There is very little waste with an elk, you can use every bit, including the bones which make great stock).  With this option you would either cut and wrap it yourself OR take it to the butcher of your choice OR let us cut and wrap it for you for $1.25/lb.


Elk meat by the 20 lb box (assorted cuts which includes steaks, roast, stew, osso buco, burger, ribs): 

$400.00 for 20 lb. Box          


Elk heart - exquisite flavour, fine texture, delicious!  Limited quantities available. $20/lb. 

Average weight is between 2-4 lbs.  Contact us to order.


Elk meat is available from year round.  Order today! 

You can buy it by the individual package (steaks, roasts, stew, burger etc. at the Ranch.

Located Km. 1459 Alaska Highway - Feel free to call ahead 867-668-1045

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