Events at Circle D Ranch

Circle D Ranch is an ideal location for a number of events, including weddings; with beautiful scenery there are many areas to chose from on the Ranch.  You can select a range of options to suit your needs, and we have beautiful scenic backdrops, and can offer locations for a variety of events.  We also offer catering services,  marriage commissioner services, and can provide guest parking. We can accommodate large or small gatherings.  Circle D Ranch has hosted numerous weddings, musical and festive events as well as food festivals.

In 2018 we expanded our venue potential to include weddings and events in our picturesque barn.  The barn was built in the 1970's from logs harvested on our own land.  This location provides an unique experience for weddings, musical events, birthdays, and other special celebrations.  The barn can provide for events up to 100 people. 

For larger weddings/festivals/events (+100 guests) we have a 'festival field' which can be used.  Wide open views encompass the majestic Ibex range, with Frog Mountain across the beautiful Takhini river, and close at hand the grassy fields of Circle D Ranch. Amenities include one permanent outhouse on site and a hand washing station.  


We welcome you spending some time walking around to get a 'feel' for the land, and what place seems right to you.  For prices please contact us for more information.  Call Barbara at 867-668-1045


Important to note:  No amplified music allowed after midnight on any venue area out of consideration of the neighbours.  Acoustic music (non-amplified) is fine.


For more information about catering CLICK HERE.

For more information about marriage commissioner services CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US for further information.